On Board Chargers

Functionality of an on-board charger, developed by Eldor for the major automotive manufacturers has functionalities of
Wide Power Variants and Battery Voltage Range
Single or Three Phase AC Mains
Compatible with Worldwide Charging Interface Standards
Bidirectional DC/DC Converter Module
High Power Factor Correction and Overall Charging Efficiency
Modular Architecture enabling many different configuration variants by combining Base Modules of On-Board Charger, DC/DC, Heater and Power Distribution
Designed for Fully Automated Assembly

  • Integrated on-board chargers (OBC), with power delivery, convert AC power from an external charging source to a DC voltage used to charge the battery pack in the vehicle.
  • The on-board charger monitors battery's voltage, current, temperature and state of charge while charging for the safety of the electrical system and the driver.
  • It also communicates with the charging equipment.