Electric car under carriage chassis. All main details of EV system, on white background.

Automotive Power Electronics

NISO provides software solutions for e-mobility and power electronics systems. Electric vehicles consist of different electronic subsystems. Defining system concepts, requirements engineering, software architecture, and safety-critical development are necessities for the functionalities of e-mobility systems.

Freeway and circuit board.

ECU SW Development
/ Integration

NISO offers a complete solution for building safe, secure, and flexible ECU software based on AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, MultiCore CPUs, MCAL, ASW/BSW/RTE/OS configuration, architecture, and timing safety.

Company electric cars fleet charging on parking lot with fast charger station and many charger stalls. Bus, truck, van, motorcycle, business vehicles on renewable solar wind energy in network grid.


NISO also provides software solutions for E-Mobility, such as customizable EV charging stations.