Our Quality Policy;
“To ensure uninterrupted customer satisfaction by providing innovative and effective solutions in the field of software technologies and by providing quality, accurate, and timely products and services first and every time.”
Within this scope;
•By working customer-oriented, always keeping customer satisfaction a priority, and making it
sustainable. This will be achieved by on-site support in production and continuous analysis of
customer needs
•Regularly reviewing legal obligations and fulfilling current and future requirements
•To have an active presence in global markets by increasing the number of our customers both
at domestic and abroad every year
•Determining the current and future needs of our current and potential customers by
conducting market analysis and shaping our research and development activities accordingly
•To be a pioneer in the sector by developing innovative and advanced technology-based
software products
•To implement effective training policies to support the professional and personal development
of our employees and to constantly monitor the effectiveness of these policies
•Seeing all our stakeholders, especially our suppliers, customers, and employees, as an integral
part of our quality management system
•Never compromise on quality management, continuous improvement, and corporate ethical
values. For this purpose, to continue our management by effectively using ISO 9001 Quality
Management System standards
As NISO management and employees, we undertake to do our best to achieve our above-mentioned goals and objectives.
Business Unit Director