Employee App

An employee app is a mobile application that allows team members to access relevant and timely information from their employer. It's similar to the apps people use in their daily lives, such as social media or news apps.


Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS means learning management system. A learning management system is a digital learning environment that manages all aspects of a company's various training efforts. It also manages user information for personalized delivery including their user profile, job functions, and preferences.

document management concept, online documentation database

Requirement Management System

Using new technologies, most of the time spent for examination and comparison of RFQ documents can be prevented. With the optical character recognition (OCR) technology and NLP (Natural Language Processing), the documents containing hundreds of paragraphs and pictures within the documents coming from customers can be categorized, associated and easily categorized, associated and accelerated the tendering time of companies.

User give rating to service experience on online application, Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept, Customer can evaluate quality of service leading to reputation ranking of business.

Survey Management System

These surveys enable organizations to understand the factors that impact their employees' motivation, job satisfaction, and overall work experience. With the feedback received from these surveys, employers can implement changes and take corrective actions to ensure their employees remain engaged and motivated.