Ethics are the guiding force behind every action

We believe in a better world, based on solid values and personal integrity, developing technologies for humankind.


Values are revealed through daily actions rather than through what we say. Our values will help us achieve the goals set out in our vision.

The baseline value is discipline. Nature teaches this value through continuously repeated cycles of creation. Discipline helps to create order; together, discipline and order impart excellence to every action.

We are an invisible partner who is able to supply impeccable, zero-defect products and services. We are committed to creating a better world with everything we do, which is made possible by Eldor’s philosophy of continuous improvement. Our efforts are made with the proper respect for every person, in all cultural and ethical matters. Without this mutual understanding, our values cannot evolve into actions.

The purpose of this journey is to develop people of integrity, who firmly believe in “developing technology at the service of all humanity.” And, as Einstein wrote to his daughter: “There is an extremely powerful force […] This universal force is LOVE”.