ADAS is designed to remove the human error component when operating vehicles of many types. ADAS plays an important role in avoiding possible accidents, minimizing driver errors, and as a pre-warning in situations that require sudden reflexes while driving. ADAS use advanced technologies to assist the driver during driving, thereby improving drivers’ control of the vehicle. ADAS uses sensor fusion to perceive the environment around the vehicle, and then either provide information to the driver or take action when necessary. ADAS is a system consisting of sensors, cameras, and various types of actuators that are designed for safer and more comfortable driving.
While driving; data from radar, camera, and ultrasonic sensors are processed and dangerous situations are detected in advance. In response to the detected risks, the ADAS system either warns the driver with different actions or takes physical interventions to reduce the danger.
ADAS system works simultaneously with your vehicle’s mechanics and electronics. In other words, external factors such as vehicle speed, wheel positions, and road conditions are the factors that play a primary role in the decision of the ADAS system.

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