Analytics & Big Data

Data is a precious resource. It should come as no surprise that you’ll need to analyze your data to take a competitive advantage in the market. We maintain and use data as corporations to make better decisions and to drive processes, many large organizations are nothing but data processing engines. As we are in the middle of an artificial intelligence revolution, big data become a new normal, it shapes analytics, AI, and Data Science. Big data makes it possible to take advantage of your competitors.

Why is big data analytics important?

In the past years, companies saw how big data added unexpected value to enterprise analytics by improving business strategy and customer experience and by preparing data-driven decision-making environments. It changes the game. No matter whether your company either may be a massive multinational corporation or a small business or a scrappy young startup, you have to make decisions about how you’re going to make your business strategy and improve your ability to achieve goals. Big data should be a central position to those goals. Just keep what you’re doing and enjoy your uninterrupted prosperity. But the reality is you have to adapt in that case when the markets get more and more statured which you may be interested in, customer attention will change in the direction to your competitors, the new competitor may arise every single day. To overcome these obstacles you need to use big data.

How does big data analytics work?

There is a cycle of big data adventure.

  • Define what you need
  • Collecting data
  • Cleaning data
  • Analyzing the data
  • Interpreting results and applying them

You need to identify potential profits, things you could do to add to your business, and potential risks that potentially represent a threat to your operations. Defining what you need is a perfect starting point where your big data journey begins. Now, you can use data to answer these questions. Then collecting data process begins. The purpose of data collecting has led to the accumulation of large amounts of data, and new technologies have emerged to manage and use this data. Collecting data enables decisions and often places requirements on the collecting infrastructure and its security. With accurate and quality data, you guarantee that all your efforts will not be in vain. Remember, “Garbage in, Garbage out!”. Taking competitive advantage, the concept of analysis should be done meticulously to reach your goals on the light path of the data. For this, you need up-to-date technologies and skilled data people. What remains is the phase of implementing and realizing the actions derived from data analysis, which is the point that will bring you to your goals.


At Niso, we are here to make sense of the data so that you can decide when you do not have the time or technical infrastructure to process big data, when you have time pressure, or when you have big data but you do not know where to start.

What kind of data sources do Niso deal with?

For any kind of structured/semi-structured or unstructured data, we are here to create strong and secure pipelines.

  • Clickstream data
  • Web Server Logs
  • Cloud application/services data
  • Mobile application hit data
  • CDN data
  • Social media contents
  • Customer emails and surveys
  • Sensor/Robot/IoT Devices’ Data
  • Any data source that you have put into your scope


With our high technology data collectors, no matter where, when, or which techs you use, we collect your data and prepare the data for you to reach your goals.

What kind of databases do Niso deal with?

As data sources and types have diversified, so have the databases invented to store data. As Niso, the most suitable database for the data is selected for you and if your data is to be used for business strategy, it is prepared to provide the best user experience.

  • All relational databases
  • Time-series databases(InfluxDB, Apache Druid, Pinot, etc.)
  • Key-value stores(Redis, etc)
  • Document stores(MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDBetc)
  • Search engines(ElasticSearch, Solr, etc)
  • Graph DBMS(Amazon Neptune, etc)

What kind of cloud vendors do Niso deal with?

Niso has cloud architects and engineers that are capable of designing and putting systems into production on the cloud. Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure are our main expertise.

Reactive/Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

Every day we deal with lots of machines. Companies may prefer different maintenance methods to increase operational reliability and reduce costs. The methods vary from Reactive, Preventive, and Predictive Maintenance, respectively.


If your company follows reactive maintenance, the repairs are performed after the machine breaks down. This could be seen as reducing maintenance costs but in the long run, can be a costly method.

If your company follows Preventive Maintenance, this is much better than the reactive method because in this method machines have regular checks on the equipment before the failure occurs. While it is saving energy because the machines will be operating at their most efficient, it will cost extra effort in the long run.

When it comes to the third method, which is called Predictive Maintenance, a prediction of failure is done before it happens. This method is much more effective way when compared with the Reactive/Preventive Maintenance Methods. To help with prediction, sensors and ultrasound technologies could be used to predict breakdowns in machines – that would otherwise be difficult. It gives a chance for companies for creating more efficient maintenance plans to save money and energy.

By Niso, we recommend and use the most suitable hardware and devices for predictive maintenance, we design and implement systems that predict failure times as closely as possible. We not only keep an eye on your machines but also allow you to focus only on your business while providing your production or service with our advanced reporting technologies.

Anomaly Detection

Identifying unexpected events or unusual patterns will prevent security threads, enables you to discover new hidden opportunities, save money and decrease the probability of interruption by random things in the market.

There are possible anomalies which are companies faced:

·        Fraud Detection

·        Process failure

·        Potential Value

All of these unlock the way that companies could find the most profitable way for their jobs. Anomaly detection gives companies the ability to stay afloat by managing risk factors that may suddenly appear at any time.

As Niso, we provide you with the ability to cope with unexpected situations with our anomaly detectors that we produce suitable for the field and the business.

Analytics Engineering

Garbage in Garbage out! When it comes to analytics data accuracy is the crucial point for data consumers who have to make robust decisions based on data. Analytics Engineering creates accurate and clean data pipelines that provide clean data for transforming, modeling, testing, and deploying data. Analytics engineering works with software engineering best practices for doing all these practices.

At Niso we support your data teams with our analytical skills to have clean and accurate data for using various aims such as BI Tools, data science, and AI activities.

Stock Optimization

Inventory control plays a vital role in the management of manufacturing enterprises. The stocks are kept at the optimum level as safety stock amounts are optimized.

  • Reducing unnecessary stock buffers
  • Easily set the best safety stocks and replenishment
  • Prevent becoming old and save valuable space in the warehouse
  • No disruption of the flow of materials

Cloud Computing

Things changed differently from the bare-metal times! Supplying on-demand IT resources via the internet is the main function of cloud computing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical IT resources, you can pay only for what you use. Services are on Cloud easy to use and these services available in the cloud are very diverse. You can use different kinds of services from databases to powerful compute engines, from storage to app services as serverless and you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on its management. In today’s competitive world if you want to have a system with high-speed, automizing your software and integration, efficiency and cost reduction, scalable and the systems high-availability in a secure way cloud computing will be the best solution for all of these advantages.

With expert cloud architects and engineers, Niso will support you in either architecting the cloud system or managing you’re already built cloud services.

Edge Computing

Wouldn’t it be perfect if the end device was the place where data is collected and processed? As getting more and more, the number of IoT Devices gets placed into our lives every day. We use them almost in everywhere! Processing and extracting meaningful information from the data that these devices sent us is very precious but make these devices where the data is collected and processed make low latency decisions and process data in milliseconds. Behind time advantage, edge computing will automate the machine decision process to make smarter plants, houses, cars and whatever called themselves machines.

Niso provides hardware that has the ability of edge computing from sensors to cores, their outputs could be used in various fields such as data science, data engineering, cloud computing, and BI technologies.

Image Processing

Driving insights from images, videos and speech have meaningful impacts on people’s lives today. This creates the biggest impact on not only people’s life but also the company’s improvement. Think about a production line with lots of cameras that take production images streamingly. Besides collecting data from PLCs, processing the images of the products enable us to extract valuable insights about the line, product, productivity, etc.

At Niso, we create image pipelines by using the best technologies to enable you to track your business health in a fast and secure way. Using this kind of unstructured data, you could able to reach your data lake and it enables you to make decisions by bringing together a wide variety of data. Our AI-based image processing solutions help you understand your business in a better way.