NISO offers a complete solution for building secure, and flexible ECU (VCU, TCU, BMS, and other controller units) architecture, software based on AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, and A-Spice standards into the MultiCore CPUs, MCAL. The general methods for the development process are application/base software development, model-based software design, V-SDLC, and so on at RTE, OS, and SWC levels.
With a broad range of partnerships, we know the needs of global car makers. We help our customers deliver state-of-the-art ECUs software that meets the specific requirements of each automaker.

Basic Software Development (BSW)

Application Software Development (ASW)

Battery Management System (BMS)

Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

Motor / Traction Control Unit (MCU,TCU)

Transmission Control Unit (TCU)

Energy Conversion Systems

Energy Management Systems

Rapid Prototyping – RPC

NISO’s solutions mainly consist of:
⇒Software development according to the ASPICE
⇒Configuration and integration of software units using several toolchains and platforms
⇒Develop algorithms related to all system features and requirements
⇒Integration of multiple AUTOSAR software layers
⇒Model-Based Development and Auto Code Generation
⇒Configuration and integration of BSW standard services
⇒Design and development of software that is related to the system life cycle in the area of automotive using Model-Based design
⇒Configuration of communication protocols
⇒Specification and implementation of Complex Device Driver (CDD)
⇒Flash boot-loader configuration and integration with the general ECU software
⇒Validating that each software unit provides evidence for compliance of the software units with the software detailed design
⇒Design and development of software in the area of automotive

Our Solutions

Requirement Analyse

Architectural Design

Modelling and Simulations

Diagnostic Applications

System Optimization

Control System Algorithm Development

Development, Test, and Integration