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NISO is a leading provider of software solutions for OEMs, with a focus on the automotive industry, smart mobility, and electrification. Our turnkey solutions in the Smart Factory area encompass Digital Transformation, IIoT, Software Development, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.
Based in Izmir, our company has remote offices in Ankara and Istanbul, and a team of 50+ professionals. At NISO, we’re committed to delivering top-quality software solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals.


"NISO delivered great solutions using cutting edge technology. I was initially skeptical to outsource such a complex project, but the dedication of the NISO team, the attention to the details and the day-to-day management resulted in an excellent execution of the project."
Prof. Winfried Vahland
"With the advent of the intelligent era, Intelligent Manufacturing will become one of the advantages of the factory to occupy the commanding heights in the future. We are very happy to witness the Smart Factory Project being gradually implemented in Eldor China Plant with the help of NISO."
IT Manager
Automotive, China
“Working with NISO Software Technologies has been a game-changer for our manufacturing plants. Their Smart Factory Solutions have enabled us to seamlessly integrate our systems and leverage advanced Industry 4.0 technologies, generating measurable big-data-driven benefits. NISO's team of experts is unparalleled, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their manufacturing operations.”
Operations Director
Manufacturing, Turkey
"NISO, when it comes to Manufacturing typically we just think about the outputs; Productivity, Scrap, Material flow, etc. The thing that I love about NISO is that they bring a new dimension to Manufacturing that we need more of and that’s the digital side of it. There is nothing that they can’t do and they execution with precision to the projects they take on. We love the work and dedication to the craft that NISO brings to Manufacturing. "
Plant Manager
Engineering, USA
“We are pleased with the advances made through the Smart Factory applications in our plant. The NISO team delivered a powerful and at the same time lean solution in the agreed timeline and on budget. We were especially impressed by the Project Management, the processes put in place, the clear communication, and the round-the-clock support. I can only highly recommend working with NISO.”
Plant Manager
Automotive, Brazil

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